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Learn how to be happier! 10 Days of Happiness is a free 10-day online coaching program which guides you through daily actions for happier living.

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Get happier with our free 10-day online program 

We developed the free 10 days of Happiness coaching program during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The program is based on the 10 Keys to Happier Living, and is designed to give an uplifting overview of the building blocks to happier living in just 10 days.

It can be used in good and bad times to give your happiness boost and remind you of what is important. 

It only takes a few minutes each day!

The program can be done from anywhere in the world and by email or by SMS in the UK.

How Does it work?

Meet Abi, your personal happiness coach.  

Each day Abi will send you a message with a bite-sized chunk on the science of happiness and a research-backed activity to do to build your personal happiness practice. 

Abi is a digital coach, so you can't communicate with her directly. The wisdom Abi imparts and the messages you receive are created by a team of happiness experts and special advisors.

Abi is voiced by Isobel Adomakah Young 

She is illustrated and animated by Phoebe and Angie at ARC 

The technology behind our digital coaching is powered by LiveBetter

Happiness for everyone

Access to health and happiness is unequal across our society which is why Action for Happiness is committed to offering free and inclusive resources. The pandemic had a deep emotional effect on people and we know it made existing health and economic inequalities worse. In particular women and black and minority ethnic communities reported consistently worse mental health than other groups across every measure. 

The 10 days program is a high-quality, evidence-based, accessible introduction to happiness available free to everyone who speaks English and has access to email, and it is available free by SMS in the UK. 

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Three steps to happier living

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Every morning you receive a message with a new activity.

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You write your response to each day’s activity.

(All your responses are kept private. We will never share your data).

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These simple actions boost your wellbeing day by day.

Does it work?

Over 70,000 people took the original program and surveys showed it brings significant and lasting wellbeing benefits (source pre/post surveys).

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Impact of '10 Days of Happiness' on participant Life Satisfaction (0-10) before/after program

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