Be Your Own Therapist
with Owen O'Kane
Wednesday, 21 June 2023
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How can we support our own emotional health?

Many of us struggle to cope with challenges and stress in our lives. We often neglect to make time for ourselves and end up getting stuck in our worries and unhelpful habits.

At this special event, bestselling author Owen O'Kane will share his unique insights - as a psychotherapist and NHS Clinical Lead - to help you achieve better mental health. He'll explain how you can be your own therapist, using simple techniques to find healthier perspectives and ditch harmful thought patterns.

Owen's work draws on the latest evidence-based techniques from a range of therapies including CBT, mindfulness and interpersonal therapy. He offers empowering solutions for overcoming the things that keep us stuck, so we can move forward.

This is a chance to learn some of the fundamentals of therapy and how to apply these to your own life. You'll discover how targeted tasks - that only take 10 minutes a day - can help you get more out of life and manage better in tough times.

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About the speaker

Owen O'Kane is a psychotherapist and bestselling author of Ten Times Happier, Ten to Zen and his latest book, How to Be Your Own Therapist. Owen has over 25 years’ experience in physical and mental health and is a former NHS Mental Health Clinical Lead. He now runs a successful private practice in London. Owen is a well-known speaker and often delivers keynote speeches at major events and festivals. He is a regular contributor to press and media and is also a script advisor for BBC Drama on psychological matters. He delivers all of his work with great passion and is noted for his down to earth approach and sense of humour. Learn more:

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