Happier Life Lessons

How can we feel content and whole?

We often tell ourselves we’ll be happy when we get something we're striving towards, like a dream job, relationship or financial situation. But people who reach their big milestones often still feel underwhelmed or even empty. What's going on?

At this special event, BBC broadcaster and author Simon Mundie will explore practical life lessons for happier living and explain that what we're really searching for is to feel content and whole. Although we may think we want to become a ‘somebody’, we're often happiest when we experience being ‘nobody’. Reconnecting with this helps us find peace and fulfilment.

Simon will share various favourite insights from his popular 'Life Lessons' conversations with sports stars, neuroscientists, psychologists and world-renowned thinkers. This will include how to cultivate more 'flow' in your life to engage fully in what you're doing and let go of your thoughts about the past or future.

This event will challenge your thinking on what success truly is and will give you tools to really "succeed" in a deeper and more authentic way. It might even change your life.

About The Speaker

Simon Mundie is a journalist, broadcaster and speaker who has interviewed hundreds of the world's top athletes, coaches, philosophers and thinkers for his critically acclaimed Life Lessons podcast. He was BBC Radio 1 sports presenter for eight years. He presents on BBC Radio 4's flagship Today Programme and is a reporter for BBC TV.

This conversation with Dr Mark Williamson was recorded at an Action for Happiness live event on the 16th of April 2024.

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