Happiness After Adversity

Is it possible to overcome pain and be happy? 

Many of us face pain and difficulty in our lives - and happiness can feel out of reach. But if we can channel our struggles into positive steps forward, research shows we have the potential to experience something amazing known as "Post-Traumatic Growth". At this special event, Karen Guggenheim will share her inspiring story of rebuilding happiness after the sudden and tragic death of her husband a decade ago. Karen will explain how she overcame her grief and embarked on a transformative journey of healing and growth, which led to her becoming co-founder of the incredible World Happiness Summit. Drawing from her personal experiences, plus research in psychology and neuroscience, Karen will reveal how happiness can be taught and learned. She'll reveal how, through small daily changes, we can bring more compassion and positivity into our days to feel better about ourselves and others. By taking part in this interactive live event with Karen, you'll gain a practical guide to help you deal with adversity, build resilience, grow from challenges and ultimately lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life. 

This conversation with Dr Mark Williamson was recorded at a live Action for Happiness event on the 5th of June 2024.

About The Speaker 

Karen Guggenheim is a pioneer in the global happiness movement, a leader in promoting the science behind well-being to an international audience, and a motivational speaker inspiring people about how to grow post trauma and rebuild a life focused on meaning, purpose, and happiness. She is the producer of the World Happiness Summit, the leading well-being conference promoting the benefits of an evidence-based approach to increase happiness. Karen's new book is Cultivating Happiness: Overcome trauma and positively transform your life.

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