The Happy Mind
with Ismael Cala
Thursday, 20 July 2023
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How can you live to your full potential?

Life is full of challenges and we're often encouraged to discover a sense of "flow" and accept our feelings. But how can we do this while maintaining a sense of control in our lives? Rather than simply letting things happen, can we actively make things happen?

At this special event, motivational author and speaker Ismael Cala will introduce his inspiring life philosophy. He'll share how you can discover the path of true wellbeing, finding a balance between satisfaction, calm and inner peace. He'll explain how to live based on your values, embrace gratitude and find abundance in the world all around you.

Ismael will also explain how we can inspire others around us to be happy, love themselves and grow in their lives too. He will introduce the idea of "soul listening" and how we can develop our "third ear" to hear the deeper messages behind what people say to us, and fully understand each other’s emotions.

Ismael has an amazing energy and presence and his inspiring ideas can help us live a happier and more fulfilling life, even in challenging times.

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About the speaker

Ismael Cala is a human development and life strategist, journalist, bestselling author, philanthropist, and international speaker. For more than five years, he hosted the show CALA on CNN en español, becoming one of the most beloved and influential communicators in the Americas. He is the president of the CALA Group and the Ismael Cala Foundation and author of multiple best-selling books including The Power of Soul Listening. Ismael has worked with many great teachers including Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra.

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