How To Change
with Prof. Katy Milkman
Wednesday, 10 January 2024
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How can we change our habits for greater happiness?

Habits are the foundation for wellbeing, but changing our habits can be hard!

What if you could turn your desired habit into a source of pleasure, instead of a chore?

At this special event, author and change expert Professor Katy Milkman will reveal a proven path that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Katy will share how change happens when you understand what’s standing between you and success. You can then turn your uphill battle into a downhill success story!

Her research can help you find ways to overcome common barriers to change, such as impulsivity, procrastination and forgetfulness. She'll also explain why timing is important when it comes to making changes and how to turn temptation and inertia into assets.

This event is the perfect way to get 2024 off to a happier start. So join us and get an invaluable, science-based blueprint for achieving your goals, once and for all.

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About the speaker

Katy Milkman is Professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and host of popular behavioral economics podcast Choiceology. She is also former president of the international Society for Judgment and Decision Making and co-founder of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative. Katy has worked with lots of organisations on how to spur positive change, including Google, the White House and Walmart. She has published over 60 papers in leading academic journals such as Nature and The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. She is author of the international bestselling book How to Change: The Science of Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, named one of the eight best books for healthy living by the New York Times. Katy was also named a Top 10 innovator shaping the future of health by Fortune Magazine and won Penn’s highest teaching award, the Provost’s Lindback Award for Excellence in Teaching. She writes frequently about behavioral science for major media outlets such as Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and The Economist.

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