Mindfulness and Change

How can mindfulness help us overcome our challenges?

In our diverse world it feels increasingly hard to avoid conflict, bring people together and bridge differences across cultures and values.

At this special event, Professor Rhonda Magee will explore how mindfulness can help you contribute to positive social change - and how awakening to social awareness can deepen your experience of mindfulness.

She will share mindful practices to help you live with greater awareness of the wider social context, helping you experience deeper connections and a greater sense of meaning.

Rhonda's ideas open up the space for change, growth and caring action in a multicultural world, through socially-engaged mindfulness. And you can discover the personal benefits too - such as increased focus, reduced stress, better health and more joy.

This conversation with Dr Mark Williamson was recorded at a live Action for Happiness 6th of December 2023.

About the speaker

Rhonda V. Magee is Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco and a leading mindfulness teacher with a focus on applying mindfulness to the hardest challenges of our times. She is an internationally-recognized teacher, mentor, and author - and her work weaves storytelling, poetry, analysis and practices into inspiration for changing how we think, act and live better together in a rapidly changing world.

Professor Magee has studied mindfulness - including its origins, potential benefits and applications - for over 20 years. She explores the integration of mindfulness into social engagement, including in support of personal and collective healing, activism, leadership. She has written extensively on how contemplative practices support engagement in the world in the face of the big challenges of our times, including climate distress, political polarization, migration and war. She’s a sought-after keynote speaker and inspires others to explore socially-engaged mindfulness in research, schools, workplaces, communities and beyond.

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