New Ways to Feel Happy
with Vanessa King
Tuesday, 17 January 2023
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Want some new ideas to make life happier?

We all want to feel happy and well. But what can we actually do to be happier and more resilient in daily life, especially when we're facing tough times?

At this special event, author and psychology expert Vanessa King from Action for Happiness will explore some ideas to boost wellbeing that are emerging from the latest science.

Drawing on insights from her recent books and her innovative work with organisations, Vanessa will share tips and guide us through some examples. She'll remind us how happiness comes from our choices and actions - so it's often more within our control than we realise.

You'll leave with some ideas to try out and practical ways to integrate these ideas into your daily life - leading to more happiness at home, at work and beyond.

The event will take place on Zoom at 7pm London time .

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About The Speaker

Vanessa King is one of the UK's leading experts on positive psychology and a board member at Action for Happiness. She leads their work on Psychology and Workplaces and works with a wide range of organisations, providing strategic advice, talks, training and much more. She is author of a series of ground-breaking books on happiness, including 10 Keys to Happier Living50 Ways to Feel Happy and her latest book List Happy - 75 Lists for Happiness, Gratitude and Wellbeing. She is also co-author of Creating The World We Want To Live In: How Positive Psychology Can Build a Brighter Future.

The event will be hosted by Dr Mark Williamson from Action for Happiness.

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