Resilience and Healing
with Anjuli Sherin
Monday, 16 October 2023
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How can we be more resilient?

We all need resilience to help us thrive and overcome stress, especially in difficult times.

As this special event, therapist and resilience expert Anjuli Sherin will help us develop our inner resilience as an 'inoculation' against stress.

Our ability to thrive is often undermined by previous trauma. Anjuli will share how we can learn to withstand and heal from the effects of life’s challenges and previous traumas with greater strength, compassion and wisdom.

You'll learn ideas to help you cope better with daily pressures - like work, family, health and finances - and also wider social and environmental issues.

We can all do more than we thought possible and we don't need to do it all alone. When we wake up to the unhealthy roles we've been playing, this helps us change and also leads others around us to shift their habits too.

Resilience starts with believing that things can improve and taking small steps to get there. Anjuli will help you begin to heal, by reconnecting to the wellspring of joy, love and resilience you already have inside.

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About the speaker

Anjuli Sherin is a Pakistani-American licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in trauma recovery, resilience building, and cultivating joy. She has 18 years of practice working with immigrant, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and LGBTQI+ populations. She received her B.A. in sociology and anthropology from Mary Washington University and her M.A. from CIIS. ​Anjuli has been widely recognized for her unique achievements in the mental health field and has trained and mentored with leading figures in trauma recovery and energy psychology. Her passion is to embody Joy and awaken others to leveraging their resilience towards a better life for themselves and a world where everyone thrives. She maintains an active practice both in the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally. Her new book is Joyous Resilience: A Path to Individual Healing and Collective Thriving in an Inequitable World. Learn more at:

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