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Jenny & Wendy
Thursday Feb 9, 9:00 AM

Abu Dhabi - in English

Chris & Patrick
Thursday Feb 9, 6:30 PM

Abu Dhabi, Yas Island

Juliane & Debs
Friday Feb 3, 9:30 AM


Eleni & Paraskevi Vicky
Monday Feb 6, 8:30 PM

Atlanta, Georgia

Monica & Maureen
Friday Feb 3, 12:00 PM


Cheryl & Daniel
Wednesday Feb 15, 7:00 PM

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Swantica & Jasmine
Thursday Feb 2, 6:30 PM

Beaumont, Alberta

Dinah & Pam
Wednesday Mar 1, 1:30 PM


Quinnan & Saffron
Tuesday Feb 14, 7:00 PM


Karen & Joy
Wednesday Feb 8, 7:00 PM

Bexhill on Sea

Emma & Warren
Thursday Feb 2, 6:00 PM


Joshua & Undine
Thursday Feb 2, 6:00 PM


Julia , Peter & Ronnie
Monday Feb 6, 7:30 PM


Ildiko & Eszter
Wednesday Feb 8, 6:30 PM

Bury St Edmunds

Annie & Sue
Wednesday Mar 1, 6:00 PM


Katja & Allison
Thursday Feb 9, 7:30 PM


Tracey, Caroline &
Tuesday Feb 7, 7:00 PM


Stephanie & Faith
Thursday Feb 9, 6:00 PM


Claire & Rachel
Wednesday Mar 8, 7:00 PM

Copenhagen - in English

Catarina & Sarah
Wednesday Mar 1, 7:00 PM


Barry & Carolyn
Monday Feb 6, 8:00 PM

Đà Nẵng

Tuan Anh & Thi Lieu
Monday Feb 6, 8:00 PM

Downtown Bakersfield, California


Sabera, Sneha, Deborah & Deepak
Thursday Feb 2, 7:30 PM

Egypt, Cairo

Michael & Sherif
Tuesday Feb 14, 8:00 PM

Essex, Ontario

Jodie & Susan
Thursday Feb 9, 7:00 PM


Tuesday Feb 21, 7:00 PM

Fairmont, West Virginia

Laura & Rachel
Wednesday Feb 8, 6:30 PM


Michelle & Claire
Thursday Feb 2, 8:00 PM

Glasgow City Centre

Jamieleigh & Sharon
Tuesday Mar 7, 6:30 PM


Jazmin & Malena
Wednesday Feb 8, 7:00 PM


Wendy & Sarah
Tuesday Feb 14, 6:30 PM


Morag, Susan, Richard & Nicola
Thursday Feb 2, 4:30 PM


Steve & Bernie
Thursday Feb 23, 6:30 PM


Clare & Maureen
Tuesday Feb 7, 7:00 PM


Dr. Hamid & Maida
Saturday Feb 25, 8:00 PM


Moira & Rebecca
Tuesday Feb 7, 6:30 PM


Lynne & Raj
Thursday Feb 2, 6:30 PM

Lima, Peru - in Spanish

Rosario & Paul
Wednesday Feb 1, 7:00 PM


Confirming next date

Local Garden Centre, Woking


Joe & Penny
Thursday Feb 2, 7:00 PM

Manchester - Deansgate

Rachel & Joanne
Wednesday Feb 8, 5:00 PM


Eamon & Huda
Monday Feb 13, 6:00 PM


Lavinia & Sumayyah
Tuesday Feb 21, 7:30 PM

Mexico City

Catalina & Claudia
Wednesday Feb 8, 6:00 PM


David & Anthony
Thursday Feb 9, 7:00 PM

Newton Abbot

Debbie & Kelly-Anne
Friday Feb 17, 10:00 AM

North Calgary, Alberta

Inderjit & Eva
Friday Feb 3, 7:00 PM

Northampton - Delapre Abbey London Rd

Northampton - Kingsley Park Terrace

Heather & Bonnie
Wednesday Feb 8, 6:30 PM

Oakland, California

Lisa & Fred
Wednesday Feb 8, 6:00 PM

Orange County, California


Tam, Bill & Helen
Wednesday Mar 1, 5:00 PM


Sharon & Andy
Tuesday Feb 7, 7:00 PM


Claire & Sharron
Tuesday Feb 7, 7:30 PM

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Robin & Peg
Monday Feb 13, 7:30 PM

Punta del Este - in Spanish

Emmanuelle Laurence & Abril
Sunday Feb 12, 11:00 AM


Stuart & David
Wednesday Feb 8, 7:00 PM

San Antonio, Texas

Mo & Shaun
Monday Feb 20, 6:30 PM

Seattle, Washington

Terri & Yong
Saturday Feb 4, 7:00 PM


Faye & Julie
Thursday Feb 23, 7:00 PM


Paula & WenJing
Confirming next date


Luciana Maria & Yan Lin
Thursday Feb 2, 8:00 PM


Linda & Michelle
Wednesday Mar 1, 7:00 PM

South Manchester

Jane & Chris
Tuesday Feb 7, 7:30 PM

South Stafford

Ann & Trina
Friday Feb 3, 3:00 PM

St Neots

Karyn & Joanna
Monday Feb 13, 7:15 PM


Tuesday Feb 7, 7:00 PM


Wednesday Feb 8, 7:00 PM

The Netherlands - in English

Natália & Milena
Wednesday Feb 15, 5:00 PM


Jaber & Thanuja
Thursday Feb 2, 6:30 PM


Karolyn , Breandan, Julie-Ann & Gillian
Tuesday Feb 14, 7:00 PM


Katrin & Louise
Monday Feb 13, 7:00 PM


Kelly & Michèle
Wednesday Feb 8, 8:30 PM


Ciara, Sam & Spencer
Tuesday Feb 21, 7:30 PM


Ali & Kate
Monday Feb 13, 7:00 PM


Debbie & Helen
Tuesday Feb 21, 10:30 AM

West Ottawa, Ontario

Catherine & Gail
Tuesday Feb 7, 7:00 PM

Whitley Bay

Helen , Sarah & Caron
Saturday Feb 11, 1:30 PM

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kevin & Leah
Wednesday Feb 1, 7:00 PM

How Groups Work


Each group is set up by volunteers who want to help people connect, learn and spread happiness locally.

Introduction to groups

Groups offer Action for Happiness supporters the chance to meet up with others near them and practice taking action to support their own and other's happiness.

Each month we explore one of the 10 Keys to Happier Living - evidence-based ways to create a happier and more meaningful life.
Currently these groups mostly run on Zoom, and involve a 90 minutes session.

They give you the chance to check in with others in the group, explore the monthly theme and set personal actions to take forward in your own life.

Groups are a great way to meet like-minded people locally, learn more about how to live a happy and meaningful life and find actions you can take to support yourself and others.

Underpinning the sessions are our ‘Three Golden Rules’ which are designed to ensure participants agree to some ground rules to respect and support each other: 

We listen to what everyone has to offer 
Everyone has something valuable to offer and we give them our full attention without judgment.

We speak from the heart, not just the head 
When we share our lived-experiences and feelings, not just opinions or advice, we offer something really meaningful.

We are kind to ourselves and each other 
We take care of own needs as well as the needs of others and commit to creating an inclusive, kind, and safe space for everyone.


Group Structure

Each session follows the same format, which has been designed to be inspiring and interactive, including:

We use mindfulness, checking-in and gratitude to help us tune in to what matters and to focus on what’s good. Tuning in gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, recognise how we’re feeling in a safe space of mindfulness and gratitude.

We get inspired by hearing a reflection on the theme from the science of happiness, sometimes with a short video too, and speak to one another about our own experiences too. Connecting like this gives us the opportunity to learn about this month’s topic as well as putting our own experience in the context of how others live too. 

Inspired by the discussion, everyone commits to an action they’d like to take over the month ahead, which reflects where they are at personally and fits well with their life. Taking action gives us an opportunity to put into practice what we’ve learnt and engage really feel different by doing something different. 

Monthly Themes

Happier January (The 10 Keys to Happier Living)
We reflect on all of the 10 Keys to Happier Living. The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on our intentions and choose a focus that will bring happiness to ourselves and others.

Friendly February (Relating - Connect with people)
We can explore the role of relationships in our happiness and wellbeing. One thing that science has shown is that relationships are critical, not just for survival, but for our sense of connectedness, meaning, and wellbeing. 

Mindful March (Awareness - Live life mindfully)
All about helping us to live more fully in the present moment - rather than losing ourselves in regrets about the past or worries about the future.

Active April (Exercise - Take care of our body)
There is a wealth of research showing the connection between our body and mind and the better we do at keeping our bodies active and healthy the better we tend to feel.

Meaningful May (Meaning - Be part of something bigger)
Whether it comes from our relationships, purposeful work or our connection to the wider world, meaning is something we can all benefit from understanding and developing.

Joyful June (Emotions - Look for what’s good)
Numerous studies have shown that experiencing positive emotions, even just briefly, can result in greater creativity, attention, connection, trust, resilience and resourcefulness.

Jump-Back July (Resilience - Find ways to bounce back)
Life is rich with ups and downs and we find happiness in how we manage both. When difficulties arise, we can learn to lean on our natural resilience and science shows that there are lots of practical ways we can support ourselves through tough times.

Altruistic August (Giving - Do things for others)
Helping other people is not only good for them and a great thing to do, it also makes us happier and healthier too. Caring for others creates stronger connections between people and helps to build a happier society for everyone.

Self-Care September (Acceptance - Be comfortable with who you are)
Focusing on what we’re not rather than what we’ve got makes it much harder to be happy. Learning to accept ourselves and being kinder to ourselves when things go wrong increases our enjoyment of life, our resilience and our well-being.

Optimistic October (Direction - Have goals to look forward to) 
Feeling good about the future can be very supportive to our present happiness. Choosing ambitious but realistic goals gives our lives direction and brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we achieve them. A sense of direction can help us relax and feel like things are on-track.

New Ways November (Trying Out - Keep learning new things)
Learning new things exposes us to new ideas, helps us stay curious, gives us a sense of accomplishment and helps boost our self-confidence and resilience.

Do-Good December (Giving - Do things for others)
When we're kind, everything goes better. We help others, we help ourselves and we encourage others to be kinder too. During the festive period, we take our attention off buying things, and back onto helping each other.

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