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Richard Layard and David Clark
Thrive: The Vital Importance of Mental Health
Special for the Royal Insitution event for Mental Health Awareness Week
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Matthieu Ricard
Matthieu Ricard on Happiness - part 1
On Happiness
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Daniel Goleman
The Science of Meditation
Conversation with author and emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman about his new book about meditation.
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Giovanni Dienstmann
Self-discipline and Meditation
Author and meditation teacher Giovanni Dienstmann explains the power of meditation and shares tools to live a life that is calm, centered and focused.
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Friendly February 2022 Josie's Podcast
Josie takes us on a short journey through the 2022 Friendy February calendar
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10 Keys guidebook
Here is our guidebook to the Ten Keys to Happier Living
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Chude Jideonwo
Joy & Connection
How can we support our mental health, deal with our insecurities and find joy, even in tough times?
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Mo Gawdat
Hope & Happiness
We all want to be happy, but life can be hard. What can we do to stay positive and find hope even in the face of loss and adversity?
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Matthieu Ricard
Happiness & inner freedom
How to cultivate inner freedom?
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Rachel Kelly, Alice Mackintosh and Dr Rupy Aujla
Eat Yourself Happy: how to transform your mood with food
What foods make us happy?
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Leo Johnson, Ruth Rogers, Shamash Alidina, Vicky Johnson and Steph Wheeler
Creating Happiness Together
The journey from “me” to “we” and how to create more happiness together
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Suzy Greaves
Shifting our culture towards happiness
Creating a Happier World
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John-Paul Flintoff
How to change the world
How each of us can - and do - change the world with our actions?
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Matthieu Ricard
Matthieu Ricard on Happiness - part 2
On Happiness
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Mark Williamson
Action for Happiness
Action for Happiness Director, Dr Mark Williamson, shares his story and talks about the amazing actions that AfH supporters are taking to help create a happier and kinder world.
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Andy Puddicombe
Co-founder and voice of the amazing Headspace app Andy Puddicombe talks about his journey, the importance of meditation and the power of community.
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