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50 Ways to Feel Happy Children's Book
Happiness book for children based on the Ten Keys to Happier Living, packed with fun activities to learn and try out.
   Book
Ruby Wax
Beyond Frazzled
2020 was a truly challenging year. How can we start the new year with a sense of positivity and hope?
   Video
Matthieu Ricard
Happiness & Loving Kindness
How can we live in a way which cultivates inner peace and contributes to a happier world, especially in difficult times?
   Video
Mo Gawdat & Anahita Moghaddam
Authentic Happiness
How can we be happier and help create a happier society?
   Video
Matthieu Ricard & Professor Wolf Singer
Beyond The Self
Insights from Buddhism and neuroscience to help us live happier and more compassionate lives
   Video
Dr Kristin Neff
Learn to cope better with the inevitable struggles of life
   Video
Nic Marks
Intelligent Happiness
Does success lead to happiness?
   Video
Dr Ilona Boniwell
Positive Psychology for a Happier World
Happiness in the work place, education and parenting
   Video
Geoff Mulgan
Action for Happiness launch: Geoff Mulgan
Building happier communities
   Video
Matthieu Ricard
Carpool Mindfulness
Mindfulness within a Buddhist context, the concept of 'heartfulness', Descartes, and the 'convenient' illusion of the self.
   Podcast
Altruistic August 2021 Josie's Podcast
Josie takes us on a short journey through the 2021 Altruistic August calendar
   Podcast
Ethan Kross
How To Stop Overthinking
Want to befriend your inner voice?
   Video
Happiness Posters
Free downloadable posters you can use anywhere
   Download
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Reducing Stress
Life often feels out of control. How can we respond wisely and discover more peace, even in really stressful situations?
   Video
Martin Seligman
Martin Seligman - in conversation with Richard Layard
How can we use the latest findings from Positive Psychology to lead happier lives and respond constructively in challenging times?
   Video
Juliette Burton
Crazy Talk: a comedian's take on mental health
It’s vital that we talk openly about our feelings and state of mind. But how?
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