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Dr Elisha Goldstein
Transforming Anxiety
How can we help ourselves and others find better ways to respond to anxiety?
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Darryl Edwards
Actively Happier
Movement is great for our wellbeing - but how can we make it fun and part of our daily routine?
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Grace Marshall
The Upside of Struggle
Can we find a new way to think about our struggles?
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Mo Gawdat
Solving the Happiness Equation
Mo has discovered that happiness follows a predictable equation and has distilled this into practical actions which are relevant to all.
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Jon Kabat-Zinn
Mindful Living
An inspiring evening with the 'father of modern mindfulness'
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Dalai Lama and Richard Layard
Dalai Lama in conversation
In conversation
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Martyn Lewis and Sean Dagan Wood
Can we change the news for good?
Explore the problems caused by the media.
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Oliver Burkeman
An alternative path to Happiness
Embracing the negative aspects of life may in fact be essential for our happiness
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Dalai Lama and friends
The Dalai Lama and friends: celebrating 10 years of Action for Happiness
Celebrating 10 years of Action for Happiness
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Sian Williams
Resilience & Recovery
How can we find our own path to recovery after traumatic events?
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Dr Rupy Aujla
Food & Wellbeing
How can our daily lifestyle and nutrition choices help us leader healthier, longer and happier lives?
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David Pearl
Wanderful: Find your path to Happiness
An inspiring event to kick-start the new year and help you discover more happiness and meaning in 2020 and beyond.
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Richard Layard
The Future of Happiness
What really makes us happy? What exciting changes are underway? What are the barriers to progress?
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Dan Goleman
From Mindfulness to Action
Exploring the latest scientific research about Mindfulness
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Dalai Lama and friends
Creating a Happier World: introduction
Introduction to the event
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Mark Williams
Mindfulness for Life
How can mindfulness help us cope better with problems and discover a greater sense of choice in how we lead our lives?
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