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James Wallman
How to use time wisely and live more happily
How can we use our time wisely and live more happily?
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Jo Marchant
How your mind can heal your body
Exploring the amazing links between our minds and bodies
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Richard Burnett
Mindfulness in schools and beyond
What is the path to a genuinely happier, wiser and more compassionate society?
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James Wallman
How to use time wisely and live more happily?
   Video
Chade-Meng Tan
Search Inside Yourself
Practical ideas and skills to enhance emotional intelligence and wellbeing
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Mark Williamson
Action for Happiness launch: Mark Williamson
How will Action for Happiness work in practice?
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Lama Rod Owens
Love and Rage
How can we channel our anger in positive ways?
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Shamash Alidina
Mindfulness Made Easy
Want to feel calmer and find ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life?
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Kristin Neff
Self Compassion in difficult times
Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential. But how can we learn to be kinder to ourselves, especially when facing difficult times?
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Mo Gawdat & Anahita Moghaddam
Authentic Happiness
How can we be happier and help create a happier society?
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Matthieu Ricard & Professor Wolf Singer
Beyond The Self
Insights from Buddhism and neuroscience to help us live happier and more compassionate lives
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Dr Kristin Neff
Learn to cope better with the inevitable struggles of life
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Nic Marks
Intelligent Happiness
Does success lead to happiness?
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Dr Ilona Boniwell
Positive Psychology for a Happier World
Happiness in the work place, education and parenting
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Geoff Mulgan
Action for Happiness launch: Geoff Mulgan
Building happier communities
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Prof Richard Davidson
Wellbeing Skills
Can wellbeing skills be learned?
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