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Jeff Sachs
Creating a happier world
What is happening with social trust and inequality in the West? And how can we put things right?
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Meik Wiking
Secrets of the world's happiest people
Evidence, stories and tips from the very happiest corners of the planet
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Claudia Hammond
Money and Happiness
How can we use our money in ways that make us happier?
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Jon Kabat-Zinn
Mindful Living
An inspiring evening with the 'father of modern mindfulness'
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Dan Goleman
From Mindfulness to Action
Exploring the latest scientific research about Mindfulness
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Professor Paul Gilbert
How can we put compassion into practice to create happier lives?
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Dr Itai Ivtzan and Dr Tim Lomas
Positive Psychology 2.0 - new ideas for happier living
How can we learn to harness our difficult experiences and feelings to cope better and get more out of life?
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Matthew Brown
Worry less, achieve more, love what you do
Practical ways to feel calmer, get more done and rediscover the joy in everyday life
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Leo Johnson, Ruth Rogers, Shamash Alidina, Vicky Johnson and Steph Wheeler
Creating Happiness Together
The journey from “me” to “we” and how to create more happiness together
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Ed Halliwell
Into the heart of Mindfulness
Practical ways we can become more appreciative of the joys – and cope better with the stresses – of daily life
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Richard Burnett
Mindfulness in schools and beyond
What is the path to a genuinely happier, wiser and more compassionate society?
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Dr Kristin Neff
Learn to cope better with the inevitable struggles of life
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Dr Brian Marien
How to build resilience and boost wellbeing
How to increase our self-awareness, improve our emotional regulation and become more resilient when things go wrong?
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Martin Seligman
Positive Psychology
Ideas to help us flourish as individuals and contribute to a happier world
   Video
Rachel Kelly and Jane Garvey
Small steps to happiness
A journey from depression to happiness
   Video
Vanessa King
The Science of Happiness
How can we improve our relationships? What helps us cope well with adversity? How does physical activity affect our mood? What makes life meaningful?
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