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Dr Chris Johnstone
Practical Resilience in Difficult Times
How can we put resilience into practice to cope better and boost our wellbeing in difficult times?
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Sir Anthony Seldon
Finding happiness in the crisis and beyond
What can we do to be happier, especially in difficult times? And how can we recover from this crisis to build a better society together?
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Dr Maria Sirois
Happiness in Dark Times
How can we respond constructively in tough times? And can we discover happiness in the face of life’s difficulties?
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Leon Logothetis
The Kindness Diaries
How to ignite goodwill and transform lives?
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Vanessa King
The Science of Happiness
How can we improve our relationships? What helps us cope well with adversity? How does physical activity affect our mood? What makes life meaningful?
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Matthieu Ricard
Insights from his new book "Altruism"
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Karen Armstrong
On Compassion
What is the Golden Rule?
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Gail Gallie
Action for Happiness launch: Gail Gallie
The impact of consumerism on happiness
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Jon Kabat-Zinn
Carpool Q&A on Mindfulness
Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn answers supporter questions about how to put mindfulness skills into practice and live more wisely and mindfully in response to life's challenges.
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Mindful March 2021 Josie's Podcast
Practical ideas to helo you be more mindful in March
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Julia Samuel
This Too Shall Pass
Can changing the way we respond to change help us be happier and cope better in tough times?
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Graham Allcott
Beyond Busy
Practical, and potentially life-changing, ways to feel calmer, get “beyond busy” and rediscover the joy in everyday life.
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Jeff Sachs
Creating a happier world
What is happening with social trust and inequality in the West? And how can we put things right?
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Geoff Mulgan, with Prof Richard Davidson, Suzy Greaves, Sir Anthony Seldon and Matthieu Ricard
Creating a Happier World: panel discussion
Panel discussion chaired by Geoff Mulgan
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Anthony Seldon
Beyond Happiness
Insights from his new book "Beyond Happiness"
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Andy Gibson
Happiness: Look after your mind
What's the five-a-day for your mind?
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